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A blogdouche is an internet user who contributes in a blog as an anonymous commenter, and in the process, exposes themself as the massive douche that they actually are.

Blogdouches often attack regular contributors with angry diatribes that are typically riddled with spelling and punctuation mistakes, often on purpose. The typical blogdouche will cast wild fallacies to back their illogical and often idiotic opinions.

A common trait associated with a blogdouche is that of “Repeat Posts.” The two most common types of repeat posts are:

Slight Edits:
Many times after posting a reply comment to the main thread or to another comment, a blogdouche will realize something that could have been said in a slightly wittier manner, and will repeat post with slight edits to their original post. This is a more minor blogdouche as they may have some redeeming ability to be funny in their posts.

Exact Duplication:
The worst offending blogdouche will post a reply comment to the main thread or to another comment, and then shortly afterwards press the refresh button and then repost the original form data. This will often result in an exact duplication of the original comment, in extreme cases of blogdouchery, three or more times. It is believed that they are typically pressing refresh repeatedly to see if a normal blog user has responded to their moronic comments. This is beleived to be an attempt at starting a "Flame War" However, little is known about the psyche of these worst offending blogdouches, as the actual physical specimen is difficult to observe due to the rarity of these blogdouches admitting to having committed such an act within any public spotlight.

Blogdouches can be observed in their natural habitat on the blog thread discussion Lindsay Lohan’s fake boobs located at
From: /threads/308.aspx

A poster named Kelci stated "I can officially confirm that Lindsay Lohan had a boob job...My aunt did them..."

Shortly later, a poster named markey stated "hey dude,on behalf of lindsay lohan,if u really(though i don't)believe that she had the u know where implants,pls dun say it in public like that,k?plzzz "

So, Kelci and Marky are douches and they are using a blog... therefore they are both blogdouches
by santan December 20, 2006
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