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1) someone whose life subsists for their online blog and their "fan club, " namely other blogaholics. get out in the REAL WORLD, you fuckwit.

2) also known as a "blahgaholic."
Hot_Pussy69 (IM): Hey. Have you seen Raphael (PinkCaper32) lately?

Rubber_Maid (IM): No. But I read and responded to his blog yesterday, so I know he's alive and kickin' it.

Hot_Pussy69 (IM): You two are a couple of ghetto blogaholics. Get out, you git!

Hot_Pussy69 (IM): signed off...
by jane_plume November 13, 2004
Someone obsessed with blogging, and because they can't keep on coming up with topics their blogs seem more like text messages.
Guy: Wow those people who run runscape are such Blogaholic's
Other Guy: Wow you play runescape.

Blogaholic: Went Starbucks and got coffee.
Comment: Starbucks eh?
by yrbaM nitsuA January 07, 2011