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Someone who only looks good from a block away, but when they get close you realize it was all an illusion. A variation on the ever popular butter face.
That guy is a blockaway.
by punan February 26, 2004

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(noun) - a girl or boy who appears attractive at a distance, i.e. - from a block away, but as they get closer, you realize they are actually quite horrific.

Agnes looked hot coming across the quad, but when I got up close and saw her buck teeth and that mule face . . Christ, what a block away!
by Bess Dreary June 25, 2006
A block-away is a person who is so butt-ugly that they only stop hurting you eyes when they get a block away.
I was looking at the state police website of convicted sex offenders in my neighborhood. Yikes! 80- to 90 percent of them are block-aways.

So are you saying that the ugly made them do it?

Maybe. Ugly is lonely, and maybe the lonely made them do it.

Well, it’s a theory.
by thistlebottom March 27, 2011