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A device used to fubba
Dude there's hella blobos in that car
by Abraham Woodliff April 05, 2008
A blobo describes the act of giving or recieving fellatio or some other kind of gential stimuli from a Bashir.

The term can also be used in a negative fashion, as in to describe an act of idiocy or a person..

"He'll give you a blobo for food."

"Damn, she gives good blobo's."

conversly used:

"Stop being a blobo, it's getting to be annoying."
by Josfus D July 10, 2006
A blowjob in which one or more of the parties is homeless, or a hobo.
Last night, we drove past a homeless dude getting a blobo.
by kingofnone January 18, 2011
Blobo is a term used to describe a male gentleman who is both black and homeless.
That nigger is a fucking blobo, swear down.
by harleydem July 11, 2009