Blink-182 is an american band, consisting of three members, Tom Delonge (singer, guitarist) Mark Hoppus (singer, guitarist) and Travis Barker (Drummer). Blink-182 is pronounced Blink 1-82, although many people say Blink 1-8-2.

Blink-182 is not a punk/punk rock band. All I see is people saying Blink-182 isn't punk. This is true, but as far as I know, Blink-182 never claimed to be punk in the first place. They have been labelled as many different genres: pop-rock, rock, indie, alternative, pop-punk etc. In my opinion Blink are a Pop-Punk band, pop is stuff like Rihanna, One Direction, Pink, Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj. Punk is bands such as The Clash, The Who or The Ramones. People who write definitions just to point out that Blink-182 are 'poser punks' clearly know nothing about Blink-182, and shouldn't be writing about them.

Blink's fanbase isn't only teenage girls, emo's or skaters. And if you asked everyone at my high school whether they heard of blink, they won't have.

Tom's voice, is, in my opinion, beautiful. But lots of people will see at as extremely annoying and whiny. Tom has been in two other bands: Angels & Airwaves and Box Car Racer. Travis was also a member of Box Car Racer, as well as being the drummer for Mark Hoppus's second band: +44.
by blinkgreendayfan July 07, 2012
A band which use to be respected as an old school american punk rock band, untill recently when they released their new album which is more like pop rock, hense why the appeared on top of the pops. Oh dear blink what has happened
Blink 182 arnt allowed to use swear words or they might not get an invite to support Busted.
by what is punk rock May 14, 2004
An alternative rock trio enjoyed by most people but despised by little nerds stuck in the '80's listening to their "hardcore real punk" bullcrap listening to 45 second songs composed of 2 power chords and shouting "fuck this fuck that" etc. Blink-182 is a good band. Doesn't matter if they're punk or not, they make good stuff. Stop complaining.
Guy 1: "Dude, Blink 182 sucks balls! They're whiny and think they're as good as The Sex Pistols!"
Guy 2: "That's retarded."
Guy 1: "I know, right?"
Guy 2: "They're WAY better than The Sex Pistols. They aren't little douches who have nothing to do at 60 years old than rip on good musicians who are getting more attention than them."
by Jigginsmusic October 29, 2014
the only fucking reson that blink changed there style of music in their new album is so little fucking teenyboppers dont follow them! only people who have the right to talk about them is the ones who have there first album and know their roots!
only kids who get fucked by their dads hate blink 182 (not me!)
by Kelly March 31, 2004
They're just a punk-rock band that is growing up!!!!
Sell outs???? NEVER
They're just the best punk-rock band ever!! and very funny as well
ah................(........)fuck you
by Bruno Rato February 04, 2004
only the greatest band to ever walk the face of the earth!
blink 182 is the best band ever
by me August 18, 2004
Blink-182 (Travis)
Hey i think Blink-182 is one of the koolest bands ever who cares if you dont like them cos i do. o and Travis is 1 of the Hottest Guys ever besides (Julian Casablancas) hes also my man ive always liked him and seem him twice in concert for my Birthday.
by BrItTaNy January 24, 2004

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