Noun: party jewelry or bling that lights up, flashes, and/or glows.
Check out my blue and red flashing earrings. I got the hottest blink on the east coast, yo.
by Sudsy Jugs Nosenhousen February 20, 2009
blue-coloured link to other articles mentioned in the first article. (frequently used in wiki articles)
"hey, theres a blink to 'Paintball', im gonna blick my way there!"
by Seano777 February 10, 2010
The most Ghetto white gurl gang eva!!! they be bangin da blue and pink 4lyf. theyr numberis 3 ... iz there sign! when u fucc wit one of em you fucc wit em all and u had btr sleep wid a glock under ur pillow
dumbass- "yo i dumpd ma gurl yesterday"
smartass- "oh shit u screwd she was in blink"
dumbass- "so? dem white gurls wont do shit"
Blink person 1- "ay yo bitch-azz u fuccd wid ma gurl? u screwd!!!!!"
Blink person 2- "yeeeeeaazzzzzzzzzz. u had btr 'BLiiNK BiiTCH'"
dumbass- "OH SHIT!!!"
by BaBy BlU February 27, 2008
a html code used so that the word blinks.
the code is : <blink>"text"</blink>
look at my site! all my text is blinking!
by AznRulez562 November 25, 2006
A link on one's blog, in the sidebar or elsewhere, that corresponds to a weblog (blog) elsewhere.

blog + link = blink
I 86'd that blogroll on my sidebar and replaced it with a page full of tasty blinks.
by communicatrix August 28, 2006
when two members of the opposite sex have intercourse, and one member is black, and one is chinese, the resulting child is known as a blink.
person 1: oh my god!! its a blink!!
person 2: his mom was black and his dad was a chink?
person 1: No, the other way round, nimrod!!
by Superpaddy June 16, 2007
bling + ink = blink

explaination: tattoos are the accessory of the 21st century
Hey, check out her blink! That probably hurt when she got it but it looks way better in her skin than it could on a chain around her neck!
by Tunguin December 05, 2006
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