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A newzealand band, kiks ass. Gess wat biachs theyre even betta than justin !!!!!!!
Dude dont pull a blindspott, ur not worthy enuf.

Yo mum.

Metallica rocks.
by Jerky Beef March 06, 2004
A Metal group from New Zealand. They pritty much kick arse. They are often defined as "screamo" or "Nu Metal" but they are definately not. They are just metal. They play with a lot of distortion and the vocalist screams, wails, raps and sings his way through a pile of rock anthems. They play fast, in-your-face riffs. Their first album featured samples and scratiching, but their second album did not. They just kick arse. They are dedicated to their fans, and band members are often seen crowd surfing, shaking hands, meeting fans and signing things.
Stupid ignorant person who likes avril lavigne: Blindspott suck. They're so Emo and Nu metaland Screamo and crap. They don't have any good songs
Blindspott fan: <punches Avril fan in face then goes to Blindspott concert> BLINDSPOTT RULE!!
by Mattchew B July 29, 2007
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