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Illegally taking part in drinking alcoholic beverages (while underage) in a nice prestige house with elliquent decor and classy friends who want to "swill" and "chill" with no strings attatched or no drama.
Gab: "Hey Kat, would you attend the blince with me at Jank's mansion tonight?"

Kat: "Yes, I've had a really "string attatched" kind of day and could really use some quality blincing with some classy friends at Jank's mansion :)"

Gab: "Great, remember to bring Marco's tux cause it's not blincing without your nicest suit and thong!"

Kat: "Wow Gab, you're right! We'll blince later!!!"
by Kat DeTore & Gab Fran December 19, 2007
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