A noise that means someone is having scandalous sex.
Blim Blam! Oscar got it on with that one fourteen-year old!
by snappysmurf July 24, 2006
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1. Another way of saying, "just like that."

2. Another way of stating that something was or will be "that easy."

3. The way a situation got overwhelmingly handled, or will get overwhelmingly handled.
1. "She is wearing no clothes under his shirt. Blim-blam. Mr. Heep is a player."

2. "If I had a chance to meet that Lindsay Lohan, I would definitely be able to get her phone number; blim-blam."

3. "Dang. That Mike Tyson has a some knockout power; Blim-blam. His next opponent better be ready."
by jgallegos June 24, 2009
a saying expressing gratitude to a very good juke or dance move
the running back was surrounded, but then blim-blam and he was gone.
i saw this guy make a move and i was like "blim-blam"
by ted mallers August 12, 2006

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