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A word that can be used in as any part of a sentence. With one exception, it cannot have any sexual conantation to it.
Man that kid is a bliff'n retard
by kewler-than-u April 14, 2005
Slang. A rolled marijuana cigarette orjoint, made using any combination of rolling styles, usually half-blunt, half-spliff.
"Hey man, roll up a bliff."
by Kilroy - bliff.com July 02, 2003
Female genitalia, in specific the vulva.
Ooh i've a swollen bliff
by minges and all April 15, 2003
Verb. To say a joke and no one laughs, but who said the joke.
Bobby:Why didnt the skeleton cross the road?
George: Why?
Bobby:Because he didnt have the guts to do it! *laughing*
George:*not laughing, with a wtf look on face* Bliff ... :S
by George & Bobby December 31, 2007
It is a queef, but for a guy.
"dude did he just fart?"
"no that was no fart, that came from his front side."
" Bliff!"
by Agent-Orange May 02, 2009
When someone is stoned.
"I'm bare bliff bruv."
by Fiona89 May 12, 2005
The piece of skin between your anus and balls/vagina
I love licking bliff's, it's so sensual especially in sweden
by Tom Carpenter May 03, 2004