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A word that can be used to express disappointment or boredom.
-"Hey, I got 2 tickets to a concert. You wanna go?"

-"Yeah, cool! Who's playing?"



"I've been stuck at home all day because of this damn rain. Blerf."
by ChristinaFelitaPerez October 08, 2011
"Blerf blerf blerf" is the sound a porpoise makes. Not to be confused with the sexual meaning of "blerf" (which, btw, is stupid.). Also not to be confused with the noise a baby porpoise makes, which is "blehblehbleh".
"there is a porpoise!!!"
"over there!! Hear it? It's saying 'blerfblerfblerf'!!!!!!!!!"
by Mi marposa es mi novio. December 03, 2009
Similar to lonely, except specific to the situation of a single person desiring romantic companionship; adjective.
-blerfliness; noun.
Ever since we broke up, I've been feeling awfully blerf!

Once separated, the blerfliness set in and with that came the overeating.
by Baylor Bear Chupe July 31, 2013
1. The act of throwing up-
2. Another way 2 say -ewww, nasty, yuck, or gross, bad etc-

Defintion by Julie Nevea R :))~
I dont feel good, I think I'm going to blerf!

Oh blerf.
by Julie Nevea R December 15, 2012
The accedental act of a female/male releasing flatulance in the process of receving anal sex, thus, leaving the males penis coated with a brownish, white residue, and in some cases, severely damaging or destroying the shaft.
"my girlfriend blerfed on my cock last night!"
by mackmocky August 10, 2009