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somthin u say wen u dont noe wut 2 say or forget the words to a song
A:"2 + 2 = 5"
B:"no it isnt"
by Dj AzN February 21, 2005

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(also spelled blisten) something you say when the words to a song escape you or when you just have no clue what to say. Originated from a kid in New York, NY hwo could not speak coherently and mumbled excessively, and so everytime he said 'listen' it came out sounding like 'blisten'. "Blehzzin" is an exagerated pronunciation of the term, but is also acceptable.
Will C: YO, I just could not stay awake in class today, I think somethings wrong with me yo.
Eric T: Will...you sleep in class every day...its nothing new...
Will C:...BLEHZZIN!!!
by KingEric October 16, 2006