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bleed the block means when you travel somewhere.....mostly around a block or city to travel around a city pretty much aimlessly........Southern Orientated
do you want to go bleed the blood in Atlanta?
by Jr. August 06, 2004
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grinding hustlin' making it happen synonyms: hustle 24/7 working
a term of dirty south origin, bleeding the block is when you have sold all the drugs, gotten all the money, and done all there is to do for the night.
"Yo, I bled that block last night"
by Chris February 21, 2003
257 118
A hustler's definition derived from the Midwest (mainly Gary, Indiana). It means to sell whatever it is that a person has to sell at a consistent and tireless rate.
"Whenever I'm posted up, I make sure I bleed the block. I have to get my money right."
by M-Dot La Rock May 03, 2008
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