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n. 1. One who bleaches their pubic hair blonde.
2. One who bleaches the hair on their head.
3. An unnaturally blonde male or female that carries one or more sexually transmitted diseases.
1. Dude, bleecher porn is the best, the carpet matches the drapes, know what I'm saying?
2. They can't really be blonde, they have got to be bleechers.
3. That fucking bleecher gave me herpes AND the clap!
by obie October 20, 2003
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punk/skinhead slang:meaning bleeched jeans. mainly made my those in the "diy" class whom make their own non-conformist clothing in order as to not support punk profitiering corporations such as "Hot Topic".
skin-"gotta love these bleechers"
punk poseur-"nah, my sixty dollar bondage pants are better"
by sir loin July 30, 2005
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