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a person way beyond

pothead and stoner. a person who not only smokes gods gift to us Marijuana but is a professional in the art of smoking weed. someone who from morning to night smokes bud. a person who always looks high to the sky
John: "fuck! im bored"
Chris: "hell yeah"
Chris: "yo lets go smoke a blunt"
John: "you smoke bud?"
Chris: "my dude im a pothead"
John: "deadass im a blazehead my dude a pro"
Chris: "thats whats up"
by nycog December 04, 2009
Slang From Nyc
A Big Ass PotHead

A Word To Describe A Stoner And Sumone High 2 His/Her Ass
Niggas High 2 The Sky
dj-yo everybody stand up lets get it in.
croud-wooooooooo !
dj-party time !
music-boom! bat! boom!
dj-where all my blazeheads at ?
dj-light up my niggas
by bOD6 December 05, 2009
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