Fucked up
dude that waz sum good shiznit i got fucked up
by sUpErMaN January 29, 2003
to laugh so hard when chilling with friends
i got so blazed yesterday
by sarag smekler November 22, 2007
very high on marijuana. much better terms can be used to describe the same sensation, but white teenage wankstas prefer to sound much more badass.
hey man, are you blazed?
word kid, let's bump some ICP.
by sunnibach April 18, 2006
straight crunk.
dizzzzzam, im so fuckin blazed.
by sezmatic June 08, 2003
the ULTIMATE stage of mary jane intoxication.. so high you start seein crazy hallucinations and weird colors, and u have double vision
yo..am i blazed or is that a pumpkin in the corner
by niggaman June 11, 2005
see also slooped , anihilated
After that fatass blunt and the fifth of Vodka, his ass was blazed.
by podlowe September 15, 2003

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