Very High, Baked, Shitfaced, trashed or otherwise incredibly intoxicated on marijuana.
Yo son last night i was mad blazed, i was so blazed i didn't even know she gave me head!
by SpAcEs OnEr November 28, 2007
being so high to the point where you have to grab something just so you wont float away.
honey oil gets you blazed
by djoche December 05, 2006
Being blazed is when you are so fucked up that everything seems way more beautiful than anything else, to go where no man has gone before, The Darjeeling Limited (good movie) just to throw that in. When laying in the grass just looking to the stars, birds, or fictional items in the clouds never seemed likes so much fun. Like when eating the most unhealthy grub and being so content that fucking a goat would be alright cuz you would be to blazed to fuckin care.
"I got extremely blazed today with my dog, Sam!"
by TheMarkMan May 13, 2009
When a stoner has "smoked up" a particulary large amount of weed he/she then becomes quite blazed
" O spa im fucking blazed mate"
by deadlock August 15, 2006
To consume or smoke some peculiarly strong and/or large amount of marijuana, causing you to reach an x-treme high.
Man, that nigger Ronny had some good shrubbery, I'm blazed off my ass.
by d-master17 July 27, 2009
In simplest terms, extremely blowed. High on the ganja/marijuana/weed/pot
"Yo homie, last night I was so blowed, I thought I was the one shooting at Greedo!" - Star Wars fan who was recently blazed
by SuperSonicX September 18, 2005
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