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Blayr is a great friend for a little while. she will stay with you no matter what. She is a very sweet girl who will do anything for you. but the moment you hit 8th grade she will dump your sorry ass for bigger and better things. she will become a popular psycho and crave attention. she will start to become a drama queen, she'll take credit for your ideas, and her life will become shitty. yup thats blayr for ya.

oh, and she also has to have a boyfriend most of the time. and is probably the first girl to give a blowjob in your grade. Maybe had some lesbian action too.
5th grade: starts to become distant
8th grade: talks about you behind your back.
9th grade: had fifty million boyfriends just to be popular.
12th grade: now a bitch who no one will fuck.
college: drunken whore will do anything to get it in.
25 years old: cat lady who lives in a deteriorating trailer home.

bob: Woah that bitch is fucking psycho!
joe: Im pretty sure she fucked every guy and girl in school.
bill: I knoww.. she must be a blayr!
by crazyassbatshit. August 12, 2011
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