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The same as a blog, but usually said with venom, intesity or anger. Also known as revenge-blogging, bitch-blogging or, well, most of LiveJournal.
Idiot: "Oh YEAH?! Well, you just WAIT til I put that in my blawgh!"
Person: "Your what?
Idiot: "MY BLAAAAAWGH!!111!one1eleventeen"
by Billy's Box of Worlds May 29, 2005
This is the way stupid people spell "blog", which is a web log, which is an online journal, which is a journal that's online. Who started this spelling, you ask? No doubt it was a terrorist trying to stupefy America's youth, so we'll be easy to crush in another twenty years. Most likely the same terrorist that made up "lol".
Steve (the cutter) Anderson: Me go right in me blawgh now! Me gots lots of stuff to tell aboot! Hayuck!
Caveman with a degree in technical engineering: You're an idiot, you know that, right?
Steve: You meanful! Me tell me mommy!
Caveman: (commences to beat Steve with his chrome club)
by Rustin Moble January 12, 2006

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