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A terrible case of diarrhea where feces is uncontrollably ejected from the rectum at a high velocity, generally caused by the consumption of Blatz beer; Can also be caused by consuming Old Style, Milwaukee's Best, or pretty much any fine brew hailing from Central Wisconsin. Synonymous with urinating out of your asshole, chocolate milk poops, and ninja turtle poops.
The best way to blatz is to sit AC Slater style and hold on to the back of the toilet so as not to fart right off the seat.

While Scott was blatzing all over the bathroom, Justin could no longer hold it in and decided to put on an old pair of sweatpants and hope for the best.
by JD SH December 03, 2007
Slang term for having sex with a female, or other sexual acts.
Dude, that chick could use a nice deep blatzing.

Oh bro, I totally blatzed that chick last night!

I intend to blatz that chick tonight, and I will.
by Ringbro Starr September 23, 2009
another word for blatantly; slang and/or abbreviated form of blatanly
I love "Mean Girls" blatz.
by titian April 05, 2009
Explosive bout of the shits usually caused by excessive keg consumption. Originally derived from a label of cheap domestic beer, it was further adopted via onomatopoeia, referring to excessive noise as said fecal deluge forcefully strikes the toilet bowl. May also be applied to ANY particularly loud diarrhoea.
"Kent Crossley usually gets the blatz pretty bad at about four in the morning and wakes up his downstairs neighbors."
by Human Martini Shaker March 24, 2005
chav word for hello. while thier hands are down there trousers which are so close to the floor its amazing they can reach.
Alright blatz, also shake in thier only little way with the hand that was down thier trousers ,so sharing ball sweat.
by michael f March 30, 2005
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