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1. Blah, stuff, whatever

2. Instead of typing gibberish all over the keyboard (like 'a;dksjfladjofwqi' or similar), just type 'blasdf'. It's actually a good way to prevent damaging your keyboard in the long-run.

3. Substitute for expletives such as f*ck (with the intention of reducing profanity, vulgar languages, etc.)

Pronunciation: blas-dif or blas-zif
Example #1:

Jack: Hey, did you get my email about the homework and blasdf?

Jill: Yah, I did.

Example #2:

Joe: I bet you can't even type "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" fast

Jane: Yah, I could watch... supercalifraga...blasdf

Example #3:

John: Did you book a room yet? Everybody did yesterday.

Jane: No, not yet. Is it too late?

John: Uhh, yah... the promo code expired yesterday.

Jane: Blasdf! That's just blasdf!
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by imaknockyouout November 26, 2008
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