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1. A descriptive word describing an object or person to be big, so very dark black and muscular.


2. Can also be used as slang to be a replacement of any cuss word.

Pronunciation: Usually is pronounced as Blass-Skull but also can be pronounced in a french accent.
1. Timmy: Hiya Fredrick! Did you check out the black version of batman?? Its rad!
Fredrick: Why Hello Timothy. Yes I did, so very blascle!

2. Dee-Dawg: Yo homes I heerrd you be trippin ova me!
Cindy: Naw man yew be trippin ova meh!
Dee-Dawg: Don't chew be sayin that blascle outta yo mouth dawg.
Cindy: Okay I huurrr yew Dee-Dawg.
by ambiepie June 22, 2010

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