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To Yell or Blame somebody for something they did
Grandma Blanked when she found out i stole her car
by Ramo June 19, 2004
4 33
To be ignored by whom you are speaking too
yo whats up man
(B L A N K E D)
by LÉ MáC February 18, 2004
70 15
When you don't remember smashing a whole pub up and everybody inside it!
Some geezer was largin' it off to us earlier!

Well, Steve just blanked, and nearly killed the geezer!
by Phatzoot June 23, 2011
18 10
Is a term stoners use to describe toking so much ganja that your mind becomes blank. Often the result of having too many blunts or "sink tokes".
Mandude: Dudeman, i heard you ate alot of chicken wings last night

Dudeman: ya Mandude, me and your sister ate so many that we got blanked.

Mandude: DUDE! you got my sister blanked?
by Stecent December 13, 2009
7 9
To get robbed.
Tell me who blanked the bookies?
by Shahannagan January 18, 2009
8 17