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cheap, tacky, ersatz or plastic immitation bling; especially referring to wannabe trendies.
Every time I turned around, there she was - the latter-day groupie. Her vapid prattle was damned annoying, but it was her blang that shouted "Airhead! Airhead!"
by Llewellyn Kriel August 19, 2005
the comeback that you use when you cant come up with anything else.
you are such a battler", "blang
by greenshrubncuscus October 25, 2010
One's bling that has been pawned and resold.
You see that guy's bling? Yea, that's my blang.
by Flying Gerbil King September 09, 2005
A stupid person, the act of being stupid
"your sucha a blang "
by haha3489328039283402 January 14, 2009
Slang words used in the black community

Slang words made popular through hip-hop and rap, such as bling-bling, crunk, and fo' shizzle, are considered blang.
by Mookie13 November 07, 2007
Verb. To telephone or call.
Blang me later.

Hold up, I'm getting blanged.
by Samson III October 06, 2005