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One who likes to have hott, sweaty, DIRTY ANIMAL SEX; (preferably with WEASEL'S) while drinking ORANGE MOCHA FRAPUCCINO'S. After having ANIMAL SEX, he likes to "PUSH" them to their sure death at the gas station as a STAR. And then he becomes their EUGUGALIZER.
That Harris kid is such a Blakey.
by ...SpAZBo™..? March 08, 2007
Blakey - traditionally a term describing a metal stud inserted into the sole or heel of a shoe to prohibit wear. Latterly adopted by aficionados of the cult 1970's BBC TV series `On The Buses' to describe the overly officious nature of a buses inspector.
Hence to be like `Blakey' is generally considered demeaning and to exhibit a penchant for officialdom and vegetable juices.
by Mundungus April 01, 2006