Top Definition
v. to stir up excitement or make a scene in public for laughs
var. n. blahbuster someone who is known to stir up excitement or make public scenes for laughs
var. adj. blahbusting a person or event that stirs up excitement or causes a scene that makes people laugh
Rinko dun hella blahbusted in Drenk's class today when evey'un seen him dun throwins a meannass honker rye in Sherise's dam hair- was classik, dude!

Terrence be a reg'lar blahbuster, bro- coun' his ass in for chillin with us dudes to-nigh, ya hear? Sumthin bitchin blahbusting dun bowna go down longas he be roun', sees ifs I ain't strate up on that faack, yo. Tenner down now, youz game on it, bro?
by galcoolest March 17, 2005
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