A compound word, derived from the words "black" and "faggot". This word is often incorrectly used on "non black" people. Its correct use is to insult someone of either Indian, or African ethnicity, after they have displeased someone of "non black" status in some way.
"Man, I asked Mohamed if he would come see a movie with us later tonight, but he's being a complete blaggot by saying he can't be fucked."
by Nezza_345 November 15, 2009
Top Definition
A blaggot is a black faggot
We discovered in the pocono's that CB and brandon are blaggots.
by Tech Money May 12, 2005
n. A term used for an African American who is homosexual. The words, "black" + "faggot" are added together, hence blaggot.
Quit actin' like a blaggot!
by niggamac July 07, 2006
Someone i hate
The devil is a Blaggot
by notaspaz March 11, 2009
A person who is both black and a faggot
We discovered in the poconos that CB is a big blaggot!
by Tech Money May 11, 2005

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