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1. The act of a black person explaining away negative facts or statistics about black people (e.g. crime rates, test scores, illegitimacy rates, net worth), or negative acts of black people, as primarily the fault of white people, racist power structures, slavery, and colonialism.

2. The act of a black person explaining that their son, nephew, cousin, did not commit that crime.
Al Sharpton was on TV blacksplaining away criticism of Obama as the grumblings of old, straight, crusty white people.

"He a good boy, he didn't rape that girl. He was gonna go to college and be a rapper," Takeisha Jackson blacksplained to NY1 after her son Davontae was arrested for raping the retarded 12 year old girl next door.
by Ricky Vaughn January 07, 2014
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Explaining things pertaining to African American history and culture, to someone who is racist or racially ignorant.
"I had to blacksplain to someone, that the guy who said that slavery was a godsend, was wrong, and why."
by Misha Mayhem December 20, 2012
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