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A Black Dude that knows karate. Combonation of "Black" and "Jackie Chan".
No Blackie Chan, Break the Board with your hand, not your .22...
by Boxy Brown May 31, 2006
A black man with the ability to look incredibly tough, by either fighting or just giving off an appearance of toughness. Usually this is in movies or video games.
good examples for blackie chan are Mr. T, Mike Tyson, the black guy from Halo, Morpheus, the guy from gta san andreas.
by GodsOfWar July 09, 2009
A term to describe a black asian. If the asian is half black and half asian, or just extremely tan, you can call them this. This term was derived from Jackie Chan, who is a famous asian actor. In a short period (circa 1990-2000) of Jackie Chan's life, he was incredibly tan. During this period of time, Chan would get called Blackie Chan nearly everyday by his peers, family, and close friends. Chan reports that he does not approve of this saying, but at the same time, he was very dark so it fit him. With this being said, the term Blackie Chan has grown from not only Chan, but to all dark asians all around the world. If you are a tan asian, do not be offended by this word. It is only stating the truth.

Another word that you can call a dark asian is a Chinegro.

Chung Woo "Hey Keerff!"
Keith "Holy shit Blackie Chan, you are fucking tan!"
Chung Woo "I row, I rust rome from Parific."
Keith "What?"
Chung Woo "Parific."
Keith "Idk what the fuck you are saying."
by EthanChrist April 29, 2010
A person that is half black and half asian. Also known as Burned Rice or Blasian. THEY KILL EVERYTHING!!!
Guy: who is that?
Person: idk but the looks like a Blackie Chan.
Guy: cool.
by Vuietnam November 24, 2010
1) if jackie chan was black
2) a black person who learns carate or thinks he can do martial arts
noel: haha look at that dumb black bitch, thinking he can do tae kwon doe
friend: wow, looks like blackiechan gonna need alot more practice
by 1d10T July 06, 2006
the name you call someone who is black and things there a ninja
hey look its blackie chan! (every one silently makes fun of that n*gger)
by Hacker_r0x January 24, 2016
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