The best name for a cute black dog
Kaylee: OMG that dog is so cute!! What is his name?

Mattison: His name is Blackie.
by Matt242 July 05, 2010
Top Definition
a person whos black as fuck
G#1:hey look over there at that blackie
G#2:i cant even see him
G#1:hey yo blackie smile for us
G#2:Oh now i see him
by K January 22, 2005
1. A derogatory name for african americans which is intended to be offensive.
2. A derogatory name for a caucasian who has african american tendencies.
1. Look at that blackie over there.
2. Look at that blackie over there he's white but acts black.
by Phil2kva March 04, 2006
Slang term for Black & Mild cigars. Characterized by their plastic or wooden tip, and use of pipe tobacco, they are a nice alternative to cigarettes when you're in the mood.
Exemplary Individual 1: Yeah he left me a couple blackies...

Exemplary Individual 2: Word, hit me up with one!
by Toolhead November 10, 2012
a pretty-typical name given to a black cat
We got a cat from the pound; she's black, so we named her Blackie just like all of the other black cats that we've had. Couldn't very well call her "Whitey", could we ?!
by Jake February 20, 2004
Nickname for someone with the Surname Black.
Alright Blackie, how are things today.
by Blackster January 19, 2007
To go on a date with a girl, and then never see her again, even though you like her.
Guy no.1"Whatever happened to that chick you went out with?"

Guy no.2"I chucked a Blackie."
by KP-dawg March 07, 2009
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