To perform oral sex on an African American female. Term used by subcultures such as mororcycle clubs like Hells Angels
Biker Bob went down on a black chick and to get his blackwing.
by Bob Clanders June 09, 2005
Top Definition
wings black wings are earned after having sex with a widow.
Davo: I did that widow down the road last night.
Johno: Man, you just scored your black wings!
#black wings #wings system #pink wings #brown wings #gold wings
by slitheen November 17, 2007
In the advanced wings system, having sex with a dead girl. Most notable one that has been dead after approximately three to four hours after death to allow for ample time for rigor mortis to set in. Necrophilia at its core.
I earned my black wings at the morgue.
#wings #red wings #yellow wings #brown wings #purple wings #white wings #pink wings
by Beneasa October 29, 2007
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