When a girls ass is so gaping that when you look at it, it looks like a black hole. It consumes anything that goes in it
I was banging that chick last night when i looked down and saw her gaping Black Hole
by ItzzzNate October 05, 2012
Everything in the univers has a cicle of existance. many people are in denile of this fact becaus the practical upshot of it is that they will, evidenly, die. on a far grander scale of thing ( though just as unapealing ) the univers itself has such a cicle. there is a point of critical mass, in which matter is comprest to the power of infinity minus one. creating a gravity well, or loop in which matter is sucked in and compressed in the same way. ( usually due to a very large colapsing star ) in the end, and at this point it quite defenetly is, the intire univers will be consumed into a very large and very compressed ball of matter. at which time it will once again reach a critical presure and explode. recreating the univers, and the pesky little criters that come with it.
the big bang and 70's fation.
by The smart one April 18, 2005
the worst possible situation a single person can find themselves in on a night out. Generally occurs when a relatively attractive female is not fully paying attention to her surrondings and is ambushed by a male that she is not at all interested. After the ambush is sprung, the attacker sucks the other person into a painstaking and dreadful conversation and/or some sort of physical activitiy (like dancing) with possibly no end in sight. A black hole eats up signifigant amount of time for one to scope out and make a move on possible interests.
Audrey:" Hey Rachel how was that godforsaken bar you went to tonight. I think it is called Trinity?"

Rachel:"Yeah thats it. Oh my gosh. I am surprised I got out of there at all. The place was fill with black holes."

Audrey: "Oh well, we both know that place is not known for having quality anything, and we always come back extemely uphappy. DO NOT GO THERE EVER AGAIN!"
by RayRayC September 11, 2011
A black hole is a region of spacetime from which nothing can escape, not even light.
black hole is formed from a large cloud of gas which collapsed and broke up into individual stars.
by Dert August 31, 2005
n. - asshole, poop-chute, cornhole
Jim: Do you hook up with Lynn last night?

Carl: Yeah...she's freaky. I'm normally not into butt sex but her black hole was so fine it just sucked my wang up in there.
by Long Dong July 11, 2005
Blackhole is simply a black person's anus. Instead of sucking everything in it, it burst out vile and feces. Usually the blackhole is brown on the outer side and dark purple closer to the hole.
John(white): Nigguh, your blackhole stink like your mama's pussy!
Joly(black): shuh yo bitch ass whitelo. (taking off his boxer with shit dipping on it.)
by Yaway June 01, 2009
when you're in your room with a black person and leave for a minute, then come back to notice something cool or expensive has seem to have vanished into thin air (but is really hidden deep in the black persons anus)
I gotta go to the bathroom but im scared my bling is gonna get sucked in a black hole :-(
by piddlypop March 08, 2011
A sharp jab to the female reproductive organ, producing a black bruise.
"Damn steve I gave that chick a blackhole and she couldn't walk strait"
by not@fcukinNam3L3f7 July 13, 2009
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