The very best anime, ever
guy 1: what did you do last night

guy 2: I watched the entire first season of Black Cat

guy 1: A night well spent

guy 2: indeed

guy 3: what's black cat?

guy 1: ...

guy 2: *slap*
by Lord Damon Achuine March 08, 2009
Top Definition
an illegial firework
and in an Hollywood Undead song called Scene kids for dummies
they say
"I could barely walk around cause the dance floor was so packed
I walked to the back and lit off some black cats - BAP BAP BAP hahaha!"

"I could barely walk around cause the dance floor was so packed
I walked to the back and lit off some black cats - BAP BAP BAP hahaha!"

by Valagin March 24, 2006
Small firework that you throw in people's lawns when they least expect it.
OH SHIT! I just threw a black cat in someone's mouth!
by Chris December 16, 2004
Mostly well-known as a major brand of fireworks. In a classic episode of "Reno 911", the two black cops, Officers Jones and Williams go to the home of a weird hippie who is stockpiling fireworks that are illegal.

So Officer Jones picks up a package of Black Cat fireworks, saying "You know Black Cat's are illegal in the state of Nevada." The hippie responds with "You guys are a couple of black cats."
My friend accidently shot me in the face with some Black Cats. So I accidently smashed his face with my fist.
by John Kerry February 01, 2005
A person who does not fit in to any group. The strong silent type, always observing and analyzing situations before getting involved. May have a lot to say but does not say it. Often settles problems alone and is more than capable of it. For the few who get to know him/her a close and loyal friend they will find. A black cat is a nomad, forever roaming the world. A black cat may seem shy to some but make no mistake, he/she is merely bored and is thinking of greater things. Black cats are not judgemental and are easy to confide in. A beloved friend, though not always around. They may not understand your affection toward them, but will always return friendship. A black cat is extremely good at figuring people out, as a result black cats fall in love easy after accepting all your faults and your trust. They can fall for more than one person resulting in bad luck. When a black cat is your lover only death can keep you apart, but not for long. The person you want to cross paths with, The perfect lover and loyal best friend, a black cat roaming.
Woman| That man is perfect!!! And awesome in the bedroom!!!! I'm going to marry him. Where did he go?
Man: He left town...
Woman:WHERE?! WHY?!?
Man:He's just a black cat roaming now....
by Pumpkin Eater #13 Black Cat August 23, 2014
An Iranian musical group who is very popular in Iran and within Iranian communities. The 2 lead singers used to be Kamran and Hooman, but they left the group and they're doing a solo thing now.
Peeshee peeshee meow meow. The Black Cats.
by Darius01 February 07, 2006
really cool firecracker that is just a bunch of really little firecrackers, strapped together, usually in groups of 5-10.
my friends and i blew up a leftover burrito from taco bell by strapping a black cat to it
by cream of sumyungay September 18, 2005
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