The act of consuming two or more large steaks in one night and then passing out in your grandmother's sweater.
Last night I went totally Black Angus on a couple of T-bones and then passed out in my granny's afghan!
by swiz_2 March 16, 2010
Top Definition
a type of beef that comes from a breed of black hornless cows from Scotland
I'll order the black angus steak please.
by Dan April 05, 2004
slang for anus
My black angus was leaking, so I went to the restroom.
by fredrickson April 05, 2004
The act of covering the cranium with fecal matter and running head first into one's spouse or significant others vaginal area.
"Man,I gave Sarah such a black angus last night shes gonna be limping for days."
by Slowhand November 21, 2004
Term used by the african american to show that they are really "tight"(good friends)
"yo, we black angus", "ya black angus"
by Grisu October 06, 2006
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