Released in 2003, one of the greatest although not terrible influential albums of todays hip-hop.
"Hey Nas, you better hurry up a release something, and it better outshine the Black Album!"
by DJ Mere aka Ugly Fat Guy December 02, 2003
Released in 1991, the most influential album on todays nu-metal.
Hey Deftones and Korn, you wouldn't exist if it weren't for the Black album.
by Winnar September 14, 2003
In addition to TheEye5000's definition I would also like to ad a few other artists who have an album by the name of "the Black Album":
Buzzy Linhart 1972
The Damned 1980
Prince 1987
Kino 1990
L.S.G. 1998
Mad Trucker Gone Mad 2000
Junction Creek 2000
Oda 2001
K-Otix 2002
Edenpark 2003
Akhenaton 2004

So in reality, Jay-Z and Metallica are copying The Damned and Buzzy Linhart
Joe: So I was listening to the Black Album yesterday...
Ira: Uhh, which one?
Joe: Dude, Metallica.
Ira: Pift, loser. The Damned's Black Album is better than Metallica. Period.
Joe: ::cries::
by Ira Peel February 22, 2005
An album recorded by Metallica that none of their fans have ever listened to even one single time. See also: name drop
Glorify the Black Album all you want, but we all know it's because it's the just the oldest Metallica album from the decade you were born in.
by Zalgo the Destroyer October 24, 2010
1. A heavy metal album released by Spinal Tap in 1984. The original cover art was considered sexist so it was censored into a plain black cover.

2. A self-titled metal album released by Metallica in 1991 and their first mainstream success. See selling out.

3. A rap "music" album released by Jay-Z in 2003. Considered highly inferior to real music.
1. Spinal Tap's Black Album is awesome but I wish they had kept the original cover for "Smell the Glove."

2. Johnny thinks Metallica's best work was the Black Album. Obviously, he's never listened to Ride the Lightning or Master of Puppets.

3. I'm glad that Jay-Z's retiring after releasing the Black Album.
by TheEye5000 January 09, 2005
Among others, the name of Metallica's, in my opinion, tied for second-best album wit Ride the Lightning and behind Master of Puppets. Most people call it a sell-out because it sold a lot but maybe thats just cuz its fucking GOOD man. I mean, Enter Sandman could be one of the greatest songs ever, def in Metallica's top 5. Moreover, ever listen to Dont Tread on Me, Through the Never, Sad But True, The Unforgiven, Nothing Else Matters, Wherever I May name a few. Sure a few of the songs o nthe album are shit. But the vast majority are good. I mean they def didnt TRY to sell out, these peoples just found this shit good and so they bought it. You listen to the Black Album and then yyou tell me it sucks. Dont be a tool. Anydangway, Probably the last good album done by Metallica.
1: Yo, homie!!!After cliff burton died, Metallica was teh suck...hehehe its SAD BUT TRUE!!!
METAL HEALTH!: Dumbass you probably read that on You probably havent heard anything on the black album except Enter Sandman. Try making your own descisions
by METAL HEALTH! November 17, 2005
The name that many artists and bands have decided to name their album. Some of the artists to have given one of their albums this title are:
The Damned
Boyd Rice
Metallica fans also refer to their self entitled album as the Black Album due to its nameless cover and to symbolise the beginning of the end.

Ira Peel hasn't looked at the Music Fan Reaction List. A Metallica fan wouldn't cry because someone insulted their favourite album with such a poor insult.

BTW The Metallica album wasn't called 'The Black Album' so Jay-Z didn't steal it. You're thinking of his beats.

I am using this definition to hurl abuse at everyone else that has posted whether than describe the term. I am just like everyone else on this site. I'm cool for once unlike school!
Punk: Will scream and violently attack everything nearby except people.
Rap: If act tough and attempt to defend their music with crap like 'Yo is just jealous as ya not gangsta lie us nigga'
Metal: Will violently assualt the blastfermor.
Classical: Will state you as being an uncultured yob.
Emo: Will run home and cry about it in their mother's arms.
Goth: Will run home and cut themselves
Hippie: Who cares? It's all cool man.
by Real Gangsta in da House July 13, 2005

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