A phenomena that has infected much of today's youth and other innocents into acting like the typical nigger. Symptoms include: Listening to rap, wearing pants that show underwear, obsessing over pricey sneakers, playing basketball, stealing items from stores or homes, dancing like a retard, using the nigger's dialect, misusing the word nigger (heard as "nigga") as a "friendly" term among peers, graffiti, gay bashing, disloyalty to cops, and misogyny. This is a very lethal infestation, known causes of death being drug overdose, gunshot wounds, and high blood pressure (from eating all that chicken and waffles). This plague is not limited to blacks, one famous example being Eminem, a very dangerous white infectee orwigger. The Black Plague is typically distributed by rap and peer influence. The infectees have distinct appearances that separate them from model citizens: "chains," cornrows, hoodies, pricey sneakers, drooping pants, and a monkey-like walk. Redzones for most of those with the plague are Georgia, D.C., New York, Alabama, Louisiana, and the west coast of the U.S., but in reality, the infestation is not limited to one specific place. Known ways of repelling the Black Plague carriers are donning police uniforms, carrying around job applications, avoiding conversation with the infectees, and being within bounds of police stations, colleges, and courthouses. There is no way to rid of the Black Plague, but all we can do is hope that the plague dies over time.
Man 1: Ted, you ok?
Man 2 (Ted): No, my grandson died the other day and I'm going to his funeral.
Man 1: Oh my God, thats terrible! What happened...
Ted: He... He got the Black Plague.
Man 1: *gasps* Oh... Oh God, I'm so sorry! How long did he have it?
Ted: A few weeks. He was shot by the cops for trying to carjack his history teacher.
Man 1: Wait, he didn't get the Black Plague I was thinking of?
Ted: No. The one with the rap music and stuff.
Man 1: So? What the Hell're you weeping for? He deserved it!
Ted: ... Y'know, come to think about it, I should send that cop a Christmas card or something.
Not to be confused with the Bieber Fever, having the Black Plague is one's way of supporting the teen-singer Rebecca Black, and her viral hit single "Friday."
Despite the song's negative reviews, supporters with the Black Plague still exist to this very minute.
Forget Bieber fever, I have the Black Plague
-Anonymous fan with the Black Plague
by Guy with the Black Plague March 20, 2011
The sickness provoked by a startling, unprepared for viral attack by the name of "Rebecca Black." Symptoms include beign followed by 30-year old black men while sitting in your school bus and having to make the unorthodox decision of trying to decide which seat to sit in.
Aw, man. I was only trying to youtube Charlie Sheen and i accidently stumbled upon the black plague!
by mumbojumboWHAM March 19, 2011
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