4 definitions by Zakopolis

n. The best athlete on a team, usually black.
Black magic so fast, very afrodynamic.
by Zakopolis December 31, 2010
n. A person who has so much butt sex that their butt hole gets big enough to fit a watermelon.

Can be used to describe someone who is gay, an enemy, a slut, etc.
You're such a watermelon butt!!!
by Zakopolis December 31, 2010
An unusual phenomenon in which black people are extremely fast, even with an afro. Some scientists believe that the air is sucked into the afro's abyss and shot out the back. Many believe that the afro possesses magical powers.
B: Yo, Black Magic! Why you so fast?

A: Probably afrodynamics!
by Zakopolis December 31, 2010
A liquid that leaks from an afro. Some say it is toxic. Others say that it will give enhanced athletic abilities. Scientists still do not know how afro juice is made, but they know that it is made somewhere in the afro's abyss.
B: Stop shaking your head! You're spraying afro juice!
A: What's so bad about that?

B: It could kill me!
A: Naw, it'll make you jump higher.
by Zakopolis January 01, 2011

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