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often associated with those with black hair, there is an incurable disease within a family of redheads in which they find that their hair is red and their eyebrows are black. this causes their brains to work slower and often leads to a problem with stuttering. taking all caution, if one finds a redhaired-black eyebrowed person, they should not go near them, for they may begin to tell pointlessly long stories in which you will die from boredom.
person 1: i thought i was going to die!

person 2: why? what happened?!

person 1: i listened to that redhead with black eyebrows tell a story that took 10 minutes about a swordfish! it didnt have a point to it at all!

person 2: you poor thing! we need to rush you to a hospital!
by 1nd1sgu1s3 February 04, 2009
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