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a black emo is a african amercian who is just like a emo . its very rare because most people think that black people shouldnt be emo because they hair is made its more eaiser to me a black emo gurl then a emo boy because a emo gurl can just wear her hair in a choppy layers just like black scene kids
#1-omg who is that guy
#2-idk he so fake
#1-yea black emo or so dull
#2-i like emo gurls they so pretty
#1-i know they have nice hair
by coolkidssssssssss September 23, 2009
50 171
Conscious hip-hop (Common, Talib Kweli), R&B, Wu-Tang Clan, and the Backpacker culture can all be considered black emo aka nerd rap. Purveyors of Black emo are African-American musicians who make music about for the bling, benzes and bitches, but to propoke thoughtful introspection on behalf of the listener about the state of the Black community. They are often Black Nationalists. Kanye West can marginally be put into this genre.
Dead Prez, Common, Mos Def, can all be included in the black emo genre.
by Revolutionary But Gangsta April 24, 2006
49 323