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A white woman who craves sex with black men is a black cock lover. She needs to feel used by huge black cocks as often as she can. She is often married but can't help letting her black lover do whatever he wants to her body.
Kathy has been a black cock lover since whe was 16. She loves exposing her shaved white pussy and sexy married ass to any black man thats asks. She's over 50 now and still needs to feel black cock inside her. Kathy will dress like a slut and let her black lover use her anyway he wants.
by btld November 12, 2007
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a girl, usually white, who only dates black men for thier huge cocks
Wow, Molly has only dated black guys all her life, shes a black cock lover
by pablo pete July 20, 2006
A woman OR MAN, who likes black men as their lover. The person can be of any race.
Eminem is a Black Cock Lover, but not as much as closet faggot P Diddy.
by TruthForYou March 19, 2008

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