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Obese black leader famous for supporting Tawana Brawley who claimed she was raped by police in the late 80's but was found to have lied. Sharpton claimed at one point to have a witness and other evidence but continually failed to produce any. Consequently, world opinion has concluded that he is simply a FAT NIGGER.
Al Sharpton: make that a 20-piece please. Yes I would like fries with that!
by TruthForYou August 30, 2006
Candidate from The Apprentice season 1 who became notorious after accusing Erika of calling her a nigger. There are different theories about why Omarosa made up the lie about Erika. One is that Omarosa was simply jealous of Erika, who is beautiful, while Omarosa is Fugly. Another is that Omarosa actually overheard her own thoughts ("Hey, I'm a nigger") and thought that Erika had spoken those words.
Omarosa: although I am 7 feet tall I am unable to get a position in the WNBA. Yet I will continue maintain my masculinity anyway.
by TruthForYou September 06, 2006
Talented black comedian who is unfortunately a bit racist. But not out of control though like the 5 percenters. Played Pookie the crackhead in New Jack City.
Chris Rock: "I'm with Jay Z we gotta have our guns..."
by TruthForYou August 31, 2006
Legitimite hardcore gangsta rapper unlike Ja Rule. Unfortunately also a racist who belongs in jail or the graveyard. Apparently also likes the KFC and ribs a bit too much.
Ice Cube lyrics: "I'm killin more crackers than Boznia & Herzagovina..."
by TruthForYou August 31, 2006
A woman OR MAN, who likes black men as their lover. The person can be of any race.
Eminem is a Black Cock Lover, but not as much as closet faggot P Diddy.
by TruthForYou March 19, 2008
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