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1. (noun) The incredible lack of interest one experiences after someone just told them that they had deja vu. Coined by Greek-American comedian Demetri Martin.
2. (interjection) Expletive showing frustration at the lack of interest one experiences after hearing about someone else's deja vu.
Person 1: Dood i just got super bad deja vu!
person 2: Really man? thats crazy. (under his breath) "blabla vu".
by rieyin April 11, 2010
The powerful lack of interest you feel when a friend or acquaintance tells you he is experiencing déjà vu.
Lynn: I experienced some serious blábla vu last night. Tom wouldn't shut up about his "déjà vu".
Joan: Why do people think their déjà vu is interesting to others?
by oenix March 25, 2010
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