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contraction for hella bitches
Yo man were gonna bone hellabs tonight!
by rieyin December 23, 2009
The act of wiping with previously used tissue paper (usually retrieved from the garbage), because the toilet paper is all gone. This relatively gross act is to be used as a last resort method of wiping, and is not for everyone. Some would rather continue with a poopy butt than subject themselves to this.
Character 1: Get me some damn TP! I dont wanna have to go garbage wiping again!
by rieyin March 08, 2010
A facebook comment on an album requesting the removal of an unflattering picture. As a result of this comment, the embarassing picture is sent to the news feed, bringing much more attention to the picture than if it were to be left un-commented.
facebooker1: like omg tiffany.. remove this pic asap! ewww i have like 5 chins!!
facebooker2: lol no you look way cute!!

facebooker3: dude mike come check out this nasty pic of trisha on my news feed!
facebooker4: dude haha she has like 5 chins! bet she wishes she didnt post that facebook comsent.
by rieyin March 23, 2010
1. (noun) The incredible lack of interest one experiences after someone just told them that they had deja vu. Coined by Greek-American comedian Demetri Martin.
2. (interjection) Expletive showing frustration at the lack of interest one experiences after hearing about someone else's deja vu.
Person 1: Dood i just got super bad deja vu!
person 2: Really man? thats crazy. (under his breath) "blabla vu".
by rieyin April 11, 2010
ver-whiff-eye (v.): The act of whiffing questionable clothing to verify its cleanliness.
College student: My clean socks got mixed up with my dirty ones, and i had to verwhiffy every single one of them.
by rieyin April 11, 2010
a more sensible yet less commonly known word than mangina, but the two words mean virtually the same thing. achieved by a male tucking his penis back between his legs, thus resembling a vagina from a frontal view.
person 1: when we went streaking the other day i tucked my peepee between my legs and made a vaguyna and hopped around and everyone who saw me thought i was a masculine chick!
person 2: dont you mean mangina?
person 1: no silly, vaguyna!
by rieyin April 22, 2010
When one goes into a subconscious state while browsing facebook profiles. Subject usually snaps back into conscious while browsing pictures of some completely random person, and is often followed by feelings of guilt, embarassment, and creepiness.
Dude yesterday I was looking at Tim's facebook profile, and the next thing I knew I was on picture 65/200 of this fat Korean kid's profile. I faceblacked the f out.
by rieyin July 07, 2011

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