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It is a well-known food substance in Waterford city Ireland; it would have a similar shape to a burger but is made mostly of dough
can i get a blaa and a packet of tayto cheese and onion boy
by bernard thompson aka bonjo June 19, 2006
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any person from waterford and the nicest food in the world
would ya give us 2 blaas and a pound of ballybeg ham boy
by yar muddar July 11, 2006
A bread roll type thing, similar to a bap. you can get a floury one or crusty one. Original to Waterford, hence why people from Waterford are called blaas.
"Gimme a buttered blaa and a slice of ham in it"

"I haves a blaa and a packet a tayto for me lunch bhoy"
by foxy locks May 22, 2008
1.) blaa is a sound of a gun its a gangster meaning something you would just say to creat attention.

2.) Blaa means safe
1.) BANG you need attention

2.) Hey u ok?
by Cal g January 12, 2005

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