A word used by angry halo players who are mad at people that purposely try to ruin the game. The players that use this term try to make 1-9128128 new slang terms daily because they thinks it makes them cool.
You are such a bk for shooting me in the back and getting that free betrayl
by 1999566435 August 14, 2010
Brooklyn, NY. Referred to as "BK" because it is located in Kings County. Therefore, Brooklyn, Kings: BK.
Random Rapper: BK, represent! Chicka chicka yeaa!
by jayh0va217 February 24, 2010
Stands for "bad kid" in video game terms. A player who is consistetly awful at everything he does. Can very well apply to real life situations.
Wow, these kids are bk's!

Player 1: How did you snipe me in the face when I was using a shotgun close range?
Player 2: 'Cause you're a bk.

Red Team Post Game: Wow, you guys suck even though you won. You guys cheat. Wanna 1v1!?!?!
Blue Team Post Game: You guys suck. You're worse than noobs. You guys are bk's. Get pwned.
by Edgecrusher v2 May 18, 2009
Bad Kid; mostly used on xbox live, meaning you lack skill, are a noob, or use gey or cheap ways to get the Win
Siinz: That was a Bk move, you shouldn't have rushed n0ob...

Godz skill: haha BAD KID... get raped
by Xbox Expert February 15, 2009
A bad child (aka Bad Kid) that teenagers use when they are too lazy to spell out the word especially when they own their own tablet computers and are typing all the time; also known as BA; anyone who plays games or emails when they should be doing work.
SB is a was such a BK because she emails during class.
by Bobbin99 November 11, 2008
An abbreviation for "Bad Kid" incompetent gamers use when their vocabulary range is extremely low. Not only does it sound stupid but it also makes them look childish. It is generally used by people who take the game way to seriously and think they are pro because they can sit on their ass and move their thumbs.
Your a BK scrub because you killed me and i should never die because i am god at this game!
by revitup360 October 07, 2011
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