Boner Killer

A man or woman who has turned your fully erect penis flaccid
I was gonna have sex with that girl until I saw her misshapen booty, it was such a BK!
#killer #soft #boner #bner #booty #boobs #ass #tits
by thachingster August 17, 2010
A word used by angry halo players who are mad at people that purposely try to ruin the game. The players that use this term try to make 1-9128128 new slang terms daily because they thinks it makes them cool.
You are such a bk for shooting me in the back and getting that free betrayl
#noob #halo #bk #slang #kill #betrayl
by 1999566435 August 14, 2010
stands for Boner killer. when a girl is so ugly that when you think of her your wood instantly goes away.
louis: yo did you see the girl over there?
Bruce: yo she's a BK
#bonerkiller #wood #ugly #disgusting #louis
by vindcated March 20, 2010
Stands for "Bad Kid"
"Yo dat kid ovaa there is a B.K. gangsta fo sho."
#bad #kid #gangsta #gangster #drugs #bk
by MC.BE March 27, 2009
Stands for "Boner Killer". In the vulgar terms it is literally a boner killer. In other terms it is the act of ruining the moment. Try to avoid being a BK it may lead to others in disappointment or anger.
Sam: Want to watching The Village?
Bill: No that movie's a bk!

Bill: What time do you have to go home?
Sam: My parents want me home at 10.
Bill: What a BK

Bill: Want to go bowling?
Sam: I got to go home. My plant needs watering.
Bill: You're such a bk!
#party pooper #lame-o #lame #boring #burger king #kill joy
by kandabear January 08, 2009
a bad kid. an exclusive club. full of exclusive benifits. when you are a bk you do certain things like fall of picnic tables and throw stickers on the ground and stick the back part on. bk fo life.
matt-"wheres my board dude"
ryan + will-"what a bk"
no you cannot be a bk. you are a lk (lonely kid) and a fk (fat kid).
#kid #bad #snerd #smeer #puce
by pleef January 13, 2008
Of or being an extreme bitch, a person who steals only to cause pointless destruction, often a BK is gay and/or transexual and usually attempts to cause homo bodily harm to those around him/her (Ultimate buzz kill)
Person 1: Why did you shit on my bed?
BK: Because I just finished pissing in it!
Person 1: You are such a fuckin BK!
BK: (((giggles like a gitty little 3rd grade school girl)))
#bk #bitch #cunt #homo #dune coon #buzz kill
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