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Buzz Kill
Shawn is such a freaking buzz kill for ruining the party last night. BK
by TokyoWard November 05, 2013
BK stands for bad kid. Originally deriving from the term Badus Kidus meaning someone who fails at school and english class and takes sophmore english even though they are clearly a senior.
The new kid...hes a BK. He jacked my seat what a BK.
by Nutty N May 04, 2011
Boner Killer

A man or woman who has turned your fully erect penis flaccid
I was gonna have sex with that girl until I saw her misshapen booty, it was such a BK!
by thachingster August 17, 2010
stands for Boner killer. when a girl is so ugly that when you think of her your wood instantly goes away.
louis: yo did you see the girl over there?
Bruce: yo she's a BK
by vindcated March 20, 2010
Stands for "Bad Kid"
"Yo dat kid ovaa there is a B.K. gangsta fo sho."
by MC.BE March 27, 2009
Stands for "Boner Killer". In the vulgar terms it is literally a boner killer. In other terms it is the act of ruining the moment. Try to avoid being a BK it may lead to others in disappointment or anger.
Sam: Want to watching The Village?
Bill: No that movie's a bk!

Bill: What time do you have to go home?
Sam: My parents want me home at 10.
Bill: What a BK

Bill: Want to go bowling?
Sam: I got to go home. My plant needs watering.
Bill: You're such a bk!
by kandabear January 08, 2009
Of or being an extreme bitch, a person who steals only to cause pointless destruction, often a BK is gay and/or transexual and usually attempts to cause homo bodily harm to those around him/her (Ultimate buzz kill)
Person 1: Why did you shit on my bed?
BK: Because I just finished pissing in it!
Person 1: You are such a fuckin BK!
BK: (((giggles like a gitty little 3rd grade school girl)))