Buzz-Kill - Sometimes a thing but most often a person that kills your ecstasy buzz in 1986. Any Debbie Downer during times of inebriation.
It was a real bk when Laura showed up, she's so fucking needy and all the coke was already gone.
by Kdub83 May 22, 2014
an abbreviation for the newfie, or newfoundland, phrase Best Kind, used to describe how something or someone is 'of the best kind'

used mainly on the computer, as in, when you want to say somethings best kind outload, you do not say the letters bk. you say best kind.
Computer Chat;
Newfie 1: Hey, what do you think of Randy?
Newfie 2: He seems bk sure.

Face-To-Face Talking;
Newfie 1: Hey, what do you think of Randy?
Newfie 2: He seems best kind sure.
by hahaiefwhiuhd January 08, 2011
Having a series of misfortunate events happen to you in a brief period of time.

A combination of dance moves in which one thrusts his/her fists in an alternating pattern to the beat of a song, preferably to electronic music.

A popular fast food chain
After we went out I was BKed; got a speeding ticket, received a parking ticket, lost my wallet, and cracked the screen of my cellphone all before midnight.

Girl: "Yo did I see you at at Kitty O'shea's last night?"
Guy: "Maybe"
Girl: "Yeah I saw you on the dance floor doing the BK"

Guy 1: "Hey have you tried the new BK breakfast bowl at Burger King?"
Guy 2: "Yea man, that shit is bomb!"
by choopes molson December 16, 2010
"Bad Kid" Often used in online video games
Duncan just threw a rock at that car!
What a bk!
by stevedub August 30, 2007
A BK is: A "Bad Kid". This is an insult, most commonly used in online gaming. Where "Bad" is a reference to one's skill and not to behavior, and "Kid" is referring to the level of one's maturity.
Franky aka "Jam" is a BK.
by Sm0kescreen February 10, 2007
A bad kid. One who lacks leetness. A noob.
Dominic put Nos on his Automatic 94 Civic with 300,000 miles, lol what a bk.
by xJacob December 14, 2006
The abbreviation for "bad kid". This term is applied to one who is bad at anything at all. From video games to sports, you can be called a one at any time, anywhere, and while attempting any activity.
Did you really miss that snipe? WHAT A BK!
by Thelovelyneighbor October 08, 2009

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