Brooklyn, NY. Most often used by brooklynites who are away from home.
Yo, i'll be by BK in like 15 minutes.
by Big J November 14, 2004
Obviously: the deluxe cheeseburger franchise. Apparently: Brooklyn. But actually: the initials of an obscure experimental prose writer of Punjabi/British origin. Author of: "Monsters I have Known": an essay on inter-racial romances that ends with the soulful but unkempt and aforementioned BK drowning her sorrows in short, skim milk lattes, even though it is a well-documented fact that too much coffee makes her impervious to omens and others signs that things are or are not going well. Which is no way to live. It's precarious, and does not necessarily lead to a marital outcome. But there you have it.
With a big sigh, BK flipped through the glossy pages of Cottage Living, even though it was was clear that the so-called cottages were really five bedroom annexes to an already established empire of primrose-yellow wallpapered mansions in places like Vermont and Southern California.
by Bhanu: A Failed Novelist January 23, 2008
blood killer or brooklyn..but mostly blood killer dun kno
dun kno BK all day eryday
by LocMamii April 08, 2006
it means British Knight, brand wearing by Crips and that got for initial BK like Blood Killa
by BusyBoy April 21, 2003
bk short for bad kid,used on many online games such like halo 2.
there was a "bk" on my team so we lost the game.
by dogeyedave July 11, 2006
Bad Kid, a bad kid is someone who isnt good at there respective postion(s) in life. such as xbox or athletics
Wow these kids are BK's. Hey man your such a BK just give up.
by Hasselhoffman February 15, 2009
it stands for burger king.
i went to bk and got my grub on.
by instant_retard February 07, 2005
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