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A bitch lizard. An older woman with leathery skin from over exposure to the sun, usually while drunk. May be seen on a boat, floating down the river on an inner tube, at swap meets, the state fair, at various music festivals and buying more white wine or bud light at the corner store.
That old bizzard is drinking in the sun all day and shouting swears at the kids from her porch.
by OldMetalHeart August 26, 2009
14 2
Person (usually female) in the twilight of youth. Showing signs of aging on account of enjoying a drop of the alcohol and staying out too late
Look at that old Bizzard in the corner (drunk, tired and probably emotional)
Happy birthday you old Bizzard (to friend celebrating not youthful birthday)
by Annie Potts July 24, 2006
14 6
Basically, a bitch, biotch, biznotch, bizotch, etc.
That stupid bizzard got me all confused.
by Lorraine February 23, 2004
7 12