Bizz was actually evolved from the name Adam Hartzell, who likes to be known as A Hizzle. His overflowing street credibility and witty remarks inevitably earned him the nickame Bizz.

1. Bizz (noun) - one who is all business about everything, whether it be on the court, in the courtroom, or off the court; commonly use cliches; believe competition is strictly for stirring up anger in one's self; is consistently confident in reaching the unattainable. See also wanksta, peoss, retad, n00b, front runner
- O-K, Bizz, calm down there!

- Bizz, it's just a game.

- Bizz, you're 12 years old.
by A Hizzle September 03, 2004
Top Definition
Bizz is a shortented more "thuggish" version of buisness.
Stay out of my bizz, you nosey bastard!
by Meo October 26, 2003
the act of throwing up and or projectile vomiting from being to intoxicated
Damn, Jordan could not hold his liquor and bizzed all over the sofa!
by JBSpecial August 09, 2009
can mean anything you want it to mean , aiight? be creative kids.
i don't bizz! (i dont get in your business)
bizz these fries (eat this fries)
i wanna bizz your mom (Fyour mom)
lets bizz (lets fight, leave, eat, have sex, etc)
by dowhan August 29, 2006
a word used to express affection kinda like hun or sweets, also used as slang for a blunt...(bizzle)
i love/miss you bizz

lets smoke a bizzle before we go to work
by Katelyn Erwin April 30, 2008
(n.) short for the noun business. Or black man's jizz.
Hes the best in the bizz
by Eric S March 20, 2005
The single, most annoying word used by girls who are too conservative and goody-2-shoe'd to use the word "bitch". Most of the time repeated over and over and used as if they are saying something completely cool and secretive.
"Haha, katie, you're such a bizz. tee hee. pop music and emo."
by Django June 22, 2004
A term used for the act of leaving.
"Yo man im gonna bizz."
"iight, bizz yo snizz."
by Beaup May 15, 2010

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